Onemoney Experiences

Onemoney Experiences

Inspired from our happy customers

Onemoney is delighted to share the experiences of its customers.
Every story is unique in its own flavor. Whether it be someone looking to grow their business or be it investment for their dream projects or be it for a personal emergency or for her students education. Needs are many but no more hustle bustle to get a loan processed. Onemoney AA is here to make it simple. Just a few clicks and your loan process is DONE!

“A Mother’s Dream”

3 September 2021

Hi this is Roushini, a mother of two from Mumbai. This pandemic offered several  sudden surprises to our family. In order to balance them we planned to start selling readymade garments online. It demanded investment. After counting our savings we understood we needed a loan. But where to go, it’s so tough here and that too with two kids at home, their online classes, this pandemic and so on. Managing multiple things, need to get the loan processed with all the documentation banks ask for, but how?

Then I observed while applying for the loan, in the loan process there is no manual statements been asked for no credentials or anything it asked to create a Onemoney VUA handle and then link accounts and give consent to loan provider to share my data and that’s it all in just a few clicks my loan processing was done. Thank you so much Onemoney for making it so so so simple.

I recommend to all out there looking for a loan, especially mothers of small children who have to worry a lot to go out. Sharing data, based on our consent, if done through Onemoney makes it easy for all of us. Thinking about a loan then Think of Lenders who use Onemoney. 

This is the story of a mother who, out of all odds, was able to get her loan process done easily using Onemoney AA. What are you waiting for? Have you installed the app from the playstore?

“The Quickest Loan”

27 August 2021

This is Raju, a tea shop owner. Anytime for anyone in India, when they need a break, the first choice is chai or tea. A small stall with hot fuming flavors, few chairs, life was breezing through the aroma of tea, but the pandemic turned many things topsy turvy. My first idea to adapt to the new reality was to set up a mobile tea shop, but that demanded an investment. Need a loan for this, but shutting shop and going is not an option. And all the running to get bank statements, documents etc. is too big of an effort. Then one of my well educated customers suggested Onemoney AA. What is exciting is that on my mobile itself I could complete the application process. No need to shut the shop, no need to run around, just using Onemoney AA in my loan application did the trick! I am opening my mobile stall for Ganesh Chaturthi see you all there 😊

This is the story of Raju who went on to fulfill his dream taking care of his business and staying safe. Onemoney is excited to share these stories. In these tough times could serve to make lives better and offer the freedom to dream big.